Solar Wind Model for January 6 to 11, 1997

The plot shows magnetic field lines in the ecliptic plane. This image shows the start of the simulation. Since the magnetic equator of the sun does not lie on the heliographic equator, even the quiet solar wind shows two shocks, which are seen as areas of tightly packed field lines spiraling out from the sun. The symbol at the upper right indicates the position of the earth. Earth is at a heliocentric latitude of about 4o. The time shown on the bottom indicates the number of hours since the shock was launched from the surface of the sun. To view the animation, click on the image. A shock can be seen to move from the sun, striking the earth, and eventually running out of the image.
speed and density plot Comparing the simulated solar wind density and velocity with meansurements from the WIND satellite, it becomes obvious that the density enhancement inside the cloud is not simulated by the model, but the shock that preceeds the cloud arrives at the predicted time and with the predicted velocity and density.

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